Acting workshops and emotional growth: “Youth Can” children’s first international experience in Lublin, Poland

Last week five children – Viktorija, Ausrine, Jurate, Nedas and Donatas – from different “Youth Can” program locations in Lithuania had a chance to travel to Lublin in Poland where they were involved in “Social arts” acting workshops together with other participants from Poland and Lithuania.  “Social arts” is a project that uses acting as […]

“You Can!” mid-season event takes place in Jonava, Jurate Kazickas pays a surprise visit

“Youth Can” mid-season event “You Can” took place in Jonava Sports Arena last week with almost 300 “Youth Can” children participating from all 16 program’s locations in Lithuania. In the event, children not only enjoyed playing frisbee, but also were coached by a professional marathon runner Mindaugas Šatkus. „In my opinion, events like this one […]

Jurate, Lucy and Augustine Kazickas surprise – visit four teams

Last week the “Youth Can” children from Miroslavas, Joniskelis, Pumpenai and Lentvaris were visited by three very special guests who just landed from the United States: the president of the Kazickas Family Foundation Jurate Kazickas, her sister-in-law Lucy Kazickas and Lucy’s son Augustine Kazickas. The honorable guests not only attended the practices and actively participated, […]

“Youth Can” season opening event with B. Vanagas: basketball, dancing and discussions

Yesterday in Kedainiai Arena we kicked off Youth Can’s Season Opening with a big basketball celebration! More than 300 program’s youth gathered from different cities, towns and villages in Lithuania to participate in various basketball competitions. Teams from Kedainiai sports center joined in and competed as well. Throughout the whole event, youth demonstrated their basketball […]

Alex Kazickas: “Lithuanians are some of the strongest people I know”

Alex Kazickas, co-founder of “Youth Can” (former “Basketball Power”) I am very proud of my family history, of being Lithuanian. To me, it means being a part of a community of people who are strong-willed and resilient. The most important thing about Lithuania to me is our independence. Reflecting on the 100th Anniversary of Lithuania’s […]

Augustine Kazickas: “Never forget those who are less fortunate”

Augustine Kazickas, co-founder of “Youth Can” (former “Basketball Power”) I am proud to be Lithuanian. It is a country with impressive history and people, and, of course, lots of beauty. Historically, it was Dr. Joseph Kazickas’s dream to see his homeland break free of Soviet control. Through generations, the desire to see Lithuania succeed was […]

Peter Kazickas: “I am proud to be Lithuanian”

Peter Kazickas, co-founder of “Youth Can” (former “Basketball Power”) Lithuania is a small country with a huge, beating heart and I will be forever proud of my heritage. To me, Lithuania is a dignified place where people stand up for what they believe in; and we’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of our […]