About us

The Kazickas Family’s philanthropy is motivated by our wish to create a better world for both current and future generations of Lithuanians. The Kazickas’ “Odyssey of Hope” brought the family to America, the new world of freedom and opportunity, but we never forgot our heritage and the homeland. When Lithuania regained its independence in 1991, we knew we had an opportunity to help Lithuania in its post-Soviet development. The Kazickas Family Foundation was established in 1998. The Foundation’s main focus has always been in education. But over the years we have expanded our grant making efforts to include culture and the arts, social welfare, technology, and medicine. Most of our grants are for causes in Lithuania and projects related to Lithuania in the United States. However, KFF has also supported many projects in other countries.
With its offices in Vilnius and New York, allocating financial, human and leadership resources, KFF hopes that you will be able to join it in this important work.

Since 2015 thought out by Peter Kazickas, funded by the Kazickas Family Foundation and borrowed from NBA Cares and the Hoops4Hope program in Zimbabwe program Basketball Power and later on another program Girl Power in year 2018 come under one name – YOUTH CAN.

The primary goal of the program is to inspire and motivate youth of Lithuania, to teach them life skills and to show that they CAN achieve everything they dream about and we are doing this by using various sports (basketball, football, volleyball, frisby). YOUTH CAN is carried out using module of Hoops4Hope from Zimbabwe, which is used by the Youth Can program to solve important problems in Lithuania: bullying, alcoholism, suicide, trafficking in human beings, etc.


Our mission

Using sport as our platform, Youth Can is dedicated to giving most needy children and young adults the safe conditions to physical activity and improvement of important life skills by using attractive activities to help youth become happy, motivated and self-confident people reaching their full potential and productive citizens of Lithuania, future leaders of the homeland.


We aim to

  • Educate children about their rights and responsibilities.
  • Inform about prevention of child abuse and promote information about it.
  • Improve employee skills that directly or indirectly interact with project participants.
  • Provide a friendly environment to project participants that encourage them to develop their skills.
  • Form an environment where children can feel free
  • Increase physical activity in remote areas of Lithuania.
  • Give the positive influence of sport on the lives of young people.
  • Encourage children to show themselves as much as possible, to use their talents, to be motivated and to seek the best possible results not only in sports but in their personal lives.

Our Values

  • Self – esteem

We emphasize the importance of our self-esteem we strive to make everyone feel unique and able to change ourselves and our environment in the world.

  • Empathy

We encourage compassion and care for others. We appreciate the ability to understand the differences and similarities between feelings and emotions in another person.

  • Responsibility

We try to emphasize taking responsibility for actions and not to blame others for the actions they have taken.

  • Persistence

We encourage people to focus on goals and develop a plan with the necessary steps to achieve their desired goals. Persistence is an important qualitative self-stroke toward the goal of preventing a child from failing to succeed.

  • Honesty

We encourage individuals to be open to themselves and with others.

  • Sense of humor

Encourage joy and laugh, a good mood in all the activities that children do.