About us

The Kazickas Family Foundation “Youth Can” program is based on “Hoops4Hope” initiative in Zimbabwe. Launched in 2015 under the name “Basketball Power”, the program expanded with a growing need for variety of sports, and in 2018 it was renamed to “Youth Can”.
During free weekly sport practices, discussions, meetings and educational trips children develop necessary life skills. Program promotes active, productive and healthy lifestyle in country’s remote regions. Currently it reaches over 300 children in 16 villages and small towns of Lithuania.

Our mission

To promote active, productive and healthy lifestyle, and to develop life skills of youth living in Lithuanian remote regions.

The Kazickas Family’s philanthropy is motivated by their wish to create a better world for both current and future generations of Lithuanians. The Kazickas’ “Odyssey of Hope” brought the family to America, the new world of freedom and opportunity, but they never forgot their heritage and the homeland. When Lithuania regained its independence in 1991, they knew they had an opportunity to help Lithuania in its post-Soviet development. The Kazickas Family Foundation was established in 1998. The Foundation’s main focus has always been in education. But over the years the Kazickas Family Foundation have expanded its grant making efforts to include culture and the arts, social welfare, technology, and medicine. Most of its grants are for causes in Lithuania and projects related to Lithuania in the United States. However, KFF has also supported many projects in other countries. With its offices in Vilnius and New York, allocating financial, human and leadership resources, KFF hopes that you will be able to join it in this important work.
More information: www.kff.lt