The Kazickas Family Foundation “Youth Can” program is inviting all young people from Lithuania and beyond to participate in a Summer Challenge from June 22, 2020 till August 16, 2020. Participants will have to complete assigned tasks that promote personal development and physical activity. The main sponsor DECATHLON established the main prize – mountain bike!


  1. To promote personal development;
  2. To promote active lifestyle during summer vacation;
  3. To encourage teenagers to get more involved in their community work;
  4. To encourage young generation to volunteer;
  5. To encourage teens seek summer employment opportunities that help them gain interpersonal and vocational skills;
  6. To encourage teens to spend their summer vacation productively. 


Start – June 22, 2020 at 12AM

End – August 16, 2020 at 12PM


The challenge runs in Lithuania, but participants are not required to reside in Lithuania.

Who Can Participate:

All young people throughout Lithuania and beyond. 


  1. To record the activities, participant needs to own a smartphone, download “Endomondo” app, register and join “Summer Challenge” on it;
  2. In order to win the prizes, participant must complete all eight tasks;
  3. In case of cheating registering the results observed by the challenge coordinators, all participant’s accomplishments are nullified;
  4. Everyone can participate in the challenge, however, only individuals 18 and under are eligible to win the prizes.

 How Does It Work?

  • Eight tasks/challenges will be assigned during the course of the “Summer Challenge”. One task per week;
  • Each task must be completed in one week;
  • Challenges will be announced on “Youth Can” Facebook page each Monday starting June 22, 2020 and ending August 16, 2020;
  • Each challenge is planned so every participant can accomplish it;
  • In order to qualify for the prizes, participants must record their physical activity and capture (photos, videos) and share all accomplished tasks on Facebook page JG Vasaros iššūkis 2020”;
  • Unique hashtag will be assigned to each weekly challenge. This information will be provided together with the challenge announcement each Monday on JG Vasaros iššūkis 2020” Facebook page;
  • After sharing challenge accomplishments on Facebook, you may share it on Instagram as well;
  • Designated hashtags must be used in the comments or when sharing the experiences.

Winner Selection: 

  1. Weekly prizes. „Summer Challenge” ambassador team selects ten participants who were the most physically active and correctly completed the required task. Non-bias sponsor narrow it down to three winners who receive weekly prizes;
  2. Main prize. At the end of the “Summer Challenge” twenty five ambassadors nominate one participant each. Only participants who completed all the challenges according to the rules must be considered.  All nominees will be awarded with “Summer Challenge” paraphernalia. “Summer Challenge” coordinator will review all the selected cases to make sure they’ve  met the requirements. Three final winners will be drawn out of the selected candidates.

 Judging Panel: 

  1. „Summer Challenge” coordinator Benas Mačiulaitis and „Youth Can”  coordinators team;
  2. „Youth Can” Summer Ambassador team;
  3. „Summer Challenge” sponsor providing the prizes.


  • Only participants 18 and younger are eligible to win the prizes;
  • Only participants who completed, recorded and shared the results of all “Summer Challenge” tasks with the judging panel and were physically active are eligible.

 What You Will Need:

  1. “Endomondo” App;
  2. Follow and actively participate on Facebook page JG Vasaros iššūkis 2020”;
  3. Positive attitude, motivation and creativity. 
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