Program’s Participants Celebrated the Upcoming Independence Restoration Day at The White Hall of the Lithuanian Presidential Palace

On Tuesday, the upcoming 30th anniversary of Lithuanian independence was marked with a concert “The Children of Freedom Celebrate”, joined by President Gitanas Nauseda and First Lady Diana Nausediene.

Saxophonist, professor Petras Vysniauskas, who is a recipient of the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts, joined the children from Plunge region Alsedziai St. Narutavicius, Jonava Senamiestis and Vilnius Mykolas Birziska high schools in the concert.

Students from Rokiskis region Kamajai Antanas Strazdas and Pandelys high school also participated in the celebration.

“I know that today will stay in your memory. But it will stay in my memory too, because you played and performed so beautifully” – said the President, addressing the children.

First Lady Diana Nausediene told in her welcoming speech that she was glad to see a generation which doesn’t know what war is and what it means to be persecuted because of your language or beliefs. Also, a generation which is free to learn, to travel and to choose their own path.

“The creation of state is a long and yet unfinished process. You are those who have to continue this work remembering the way freedom was fought for, the way freedom can be lost”,- said the First Lady.

After the concert, students engaged in a discussion about statehood, citizenhood and freedom with senior lieutenant Mazvydas Kunevicius.

Before the concert, the participants of the program visited the Center for Civil Education. Its main mission is to encourage active citizens’ relationship with the state by means of new technologies.

After the concert, the youth headed off to the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania, where open workshop “For Oneself” took place. At the workshop, children created t-shirt designs and had a unique opportunity to free their creativity.

Information and photos taken from the President’s communication group and website

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