Support Lithuanian youth by donating 1,2% of your income tax

Help Lithuanian youth reach their dreams by donating 1,2% of your income tax to one of The Kazickas Family Foundation programs: “Youth Can” or ASSIST. Your contribution will go directly to the program of your choice to help us continue creating more opportunities for Lithuanian youth.

How to:

  • In order to be eligible to donate 1,2% of your income tax, you have to declare your tax returns by May 1st, 2020
  • Tax form (FR0512 v.4) can be filled out at or in person at the nearest State Tax Inspectorate office
  • Please specify the name of the program (“Youth Can” or ASSIST) in the tax form section E3
  • If you choose “Youth Can”, you have an option to specify one of 16 program’s locations

Other Information:

  • Recipient’s ID number: 192037069
  • Recipient’s Name: “Dr. Juozo P. Kazicko Fondas”
  • Tax Year: 2019
  • Recipient Type: 2
  • Percentage of taxable donation – 1,2%

Youth Can is a program, funded by The Kazickas Family Foundation which focuses on creating more opportunities and teaching Lithuanian youth life skills through sports in remote areas, small towns and villages of Lithuania since 2015.

ASSIST is an independent program, focused on providing Lithuania’s high school students opportunities to gain life-changing experience while studying at the finest American boarding schools for one year.

Two-day seminar for "Youth Can" coaches<< >>Program’s Participants Celebrated the Upcoming Independence Restoration Day at The White Hall of the Lithuanian Presidential Palace

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