“Youth Can” is Launching Its New Season in Vilnius on September 8 th!

The Kazickas Family Foundation’s “Youth Can” program is launching its new season on September 8th during the Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon. The program will continue its work promoting social and individual growth as well as encouraging physical activity of youth living in Lithuania’s remote regions.

More than 200 participants from the program’s 16 locations all over Lithuania are going to participate in the marathon. This opportunity was made possible thanks to the Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon. During the run, everyone interested in learning more about “Youth Can’s” mission and values are invited to the tent dedicated to the program located in the Cathedral Square.

During the event, the participants will have an opportunity to challenge themselves in a special orienteering competition. The children and their coaches are going to compete in various exciting orienteering activities, provided by the Lithuanian Orienteering Sports Federation. These fun tasks will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about some of the most important cultural and historical aspects of Vilnius.

“Lithuanian Railways” is generously providing a safe and comfortable trip to Vilnius and back home for the boys and girls from Saukenai, Klaipeda Alsedziai, Lentvaris and Ariogala.

Please register before September 7th at www.vilniusmarathon.lt. We kindly invite you to donate part of your registration fee to the “Youth Can” program. With your help, we can create even more valuable opportunities for the youth living in small towns and villages all across Lithuania.

See you on September 8 th!

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