NASA trainee Migle Mickonyte visits Zelva and Miroslavas

On March 26th Miroslavas and Zelsva teams were in for a real surprise: Benas, Youth Can program coordinator, brought a special guest – NASA trainee Migle Mickonyte. “Youth Can” participant Egle Zilinskaitė from Miroslavas team shares her memories and impressions (text unedited):

As usual, we started the meeting with exercises followed by a few team games and a magic circle where we, as always, felt like at home. Conversation with Migle started about her school years, when she was our age. We found out that she was really good at chemistry and math and that decided her career choice. When Migle first started studying at KTU, she was always putting extra effort in her studies. In addition, she never missed any of the activities, she went to China as an exchange student and visited many other countries. One day Migle saw an ad for internship in NASA, and signed up right away. In few months, she was on her way to NASA where she spent 10 weeks. After a difficult selection process and loads of documents Migle showed everyone, that hard work always pays off.

“I`ve been interested in NASA work that explores space for a couple of years now and I find it fascinating. Listening to Migle was really interesting. It helped me to understand that all my dreams can come true if I work hard enough. It`s great, that there are people who share their stories, help the youth to follow their dreams and to realize that nothing is impossible!“– said Rugile, a girl from Miroslovas team.

“Our entire team was so happy to have such an interesting guest. It was all so new and unknown, thus we were all listening attentively to Migle’s story. We were really impressed by Migle’s experience at NASA and were so excited to have her as our guest “- said program participant Nedas (Zelsva).

“We are glad to have guests who inspire and motivate us to move forward, no matter how difficult it gets. Our guest Migle has proved that nothing is impossible, the most important thing is to strive for our dreams, to set the goals and never forget that any closed door opens a new window of opportunity. It’s important to believe, to never give up, to keep moving forward and to not be afraid of a failure, because any small victory achieved motivates us to face even greater challenges “– said the coach of Miroslavas team “Sporto panos“ Ingrida.

No matter where life takes Migle in the future, we are certain that she will carry her motivation, experience and advice with her anywhere she goes. Thank you, Migle, for a wonderful time!

Egle Zilinskaite, Miroslavas team

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