“Youth Can” kids and coaches take part in the “Olympic Generation” event in Druskininkai

From January 31st to February 2nd children and youth from all over Lithuania as well as their teachers and coaches gathered in Druskininkai to participate in the “Olympic Generation” event, organised by the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee. 

“Olympic Generation“ is a project aimed at providing children and youth with olympic education and is built around the notion of using sports as an educational tool. This year, the project involved 50 children from all over Lithuania with a considerable number of them – 12 being “Youth Can” participants. Coaches and coordinators from “Youth Can” took part in the project as well.

Student of “Youth Can” program in Miroslavas Eglė Žilinskaitė shares her memories and impressions (text unedited):

During the first day we met Vytautas Dranginis – world-known Lithuanian sports photographer. We had a really interesting photography class and got to hear Vytautas‘ life story and his career adventures. We‘ve learned that the most important thing is to trust ourselves and to appreciate every moment.

Next we met with Paul de Miko – well known Lithuanian Youtube star. We have learned how to make a video that would attract a lot of people. In the afternoon we had one more meeting with kayak racing European champion, Artūras Seja. The olympian talked about his career wins and loses. In the evening all of us went to Druskininkai Aqua Park where we had a chance to relax.

Next day we met Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) communication director Šarūnas Mazalas. He shared lots of advice and practical lessons we could use and then we had to apply our journalism skills in a practical exercise. In the middle of the day we went to the Snow Arena for one more lesson. Later on we had a meeting with Lithuania’s School Games (LMŽ) team.

We learned how to organize an event using game playing with instructor Nerijus Miginis. It taught us to work in team, cooperate and make new connections. Each challenge was followed by discussion and brainstorming how to make it better. We‘ve learned a lot of new ideas that we will use in the future,  met many new people and learned a lot about each other during the training!

Daina Gudzinevičiutė, president of the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee, congratulated all the participants and presented teachers and students with the diplomas. The event was crowned with the LTeam Olympic Winter Festival opening during which “Youth Can” team participated in a 3 K night run. During the last day we volunteered, helped with the tasks and had the opportunity to help LMŽ to film the TV show.

Based on the olympic games philosophy, in order to ensure a successful educational process you need to balance your body and mind. This program helps children and youth to discover such olympic values as friendship, respect and personal growth through sport. We left really excited and with  lots of invaluable experience.

 Eglė Žilinskaitė from Miroslavas team

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