Acting workshops and emotional growth: “Youth Can” children’s first international experience in Lublin, Poland

Last week five children – Viktorija, Ausrine, Jurate, Nedas and Donatas – from different “Youth Can” program locations in Lithuania had a chance to travel to Lublin in Poland where they were involved in “Social arts” acting workshops together with other participants from Poland and Lithuania. 

“Social arts” is a project that uses acting as a method to teach young people to be more in tune with their own emotions as well as the people around them. In addition, the program aims to encourage the participants to be more sure of themselves, to boost their self-esteem and help young people to be more engaged with their environment. The trip was kindly facilitated by “We Go” – an international exchange coordination company in Lithuania.

The participants share their memories and impressions (language unedited):

I am really happy that I had a chance to participate in this project. I have met new friends, I have become more confident, I have learned how to communicate with others, more things about Poland and its culture. Projects like this give young people a lot, so if you have a chance – travel! – Viktorija from Miroslavas team.

We are really thankful to „We Go“ project they are doing a very important thing to youth. By traveling you can get a lot of experience, learn communication skills, overcome your fear to travel, become more self-confident, independent, responsible, meet new friends, get to know new cultures, their traditions. This trip was very valuable to me because I have become more self-confident, independent, courageous, I have expanded my knowledge, improved communication skills – Ausrine from Pumpenai team.

Recognizing the importance of traveling in the development of open-mindedness and self-confidence of young people, “Youth Can” hopes to continue the program’s cooperation with “We Go”, creating even more opportunities for international experiences for the Lithuanian youth from distant regions and less privileged environments.

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