“You Can!” mid-season event takes place in Jonava, Jurate Kazickas pays a surprise visit

“Youth Can” mid-season event “You Can” took place in Jonava Sports Arena last week with almost 300 “Youth Can” children participating from all 16 program’s locations in Lithuania. In the event, children not only enjoyed playing frisbee, but also were coached by a professional marathon runner Mindaugas Šatkus.

„In my opinion, events like this one are a great way of showing the youth the importance of physical activities, because nowadays it is really difficult to get them off their screens. Physical activity and sports are really important, especially when mixed with education about life skills and motivation. I am very happy to be part of this process!“, – said M. Šatkus.

In addition to sports, the children were also involved in a number of workshops, designed to improve their social, professional and life skills: from art therapy to crafting. The crafting workshop was ran by sports commentator and journalist Rytis Kazlauskas together with crafts school “Sodžiaus Meistrai”. “I am working with “Youth Can” for five years now, so since the very beginning of the program’s predecessor “Basketball Power”. Usually, I am an announcer at these events, but this time I had a bit of a different role and shared my own experience with the children. We talked mostly about public speaking, which is a really important topic today, because teenagers often do not have enough self-confidence to speak up, to share their thoughts, so I am really happy for the opportunity to share some tips with them and to be able to encourage them“, – said R. Kazlauskas.

Young people also met and talked with basketball club’s “Rytas” dancers and their leader Sigita Belickaitė: “In my workshop I wanted to give a chance for girls to just talk, because very often teenagers, especially those born in smaller, more remote areas, don‘t have a person to go to and talk. I tried to create a safe atmosphere for discussing all kinds of questions and topics that they find important. I realized that this was important, because I received so many sensitive questions, such as how to deal with bullying at school. This event is a brilliant idea and a great investment into the future of these children“, – said S. Belickaitė.

Other workshops were ran by music collective “African drums”, Kamile Naraite – coordinator of “Bring Together LT” – internship program for Lithuanian diaspora youth and basketball referee Gytis Putvinskas.

The highlight of the day was a surprise visit of Jurate Kazickaite – the president of the Kazickas Family Foundation. „I really liked the fact that so many young participants came here to spend time together, to play together, to interact. It is really important for us to get to know each other, to share our dreams, our interests. I enjoyed sitting in a magic circle and listening to their thoughts and dreams the most. Everyone, I just want to say: love your homeland, love each other, your family, your town and do not be afraid to try, to reach for a little bit more than you think you are able to achieve and you will get there!” – said Jurate Kazickaite.

Right after it seemed that the event was finalised, Jonava Culture Center invited everyone for a viewing of the movie “Ashes in the Snow” with a special message from its director Marius A. Markevičius: „We are more than happy to have a chance to be part of The Kazickas Family Foundation initiatives, you guys are doing amazing things. I invite you all to watch the movie and to think for yourselves – maybe today you really can do everything?“

The Kazickas Family Foundation and its program “Youth Can” is grateful for the input of Jonava Sports Arena and Jonava Culture Center in making this event possible. Another special thank you goes to friends and partners “Kauno Grudai” for their generosity in providing all the participants with meals throughout the day.

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