Jurate, Lucy and Augustine Kazickas surprise – visit four teams

Last week the “Youth Can” children from Miroslavas, Joniskelis, Pumpenai and Lentvaris were visited by three very special guests who just landed from the United States: the president of the Kazickas Family Foundation Jurate Kazickas, her sister-in-law Lucy Kazickas and Lucy’s son Augustine Kazickas.

The honorable guests not only attended the practices and actively participated, but also engaged in discussions with the youth, talking about their dreams, giving some important advice and answering questions.

“To visit the schools of Mamyte [Aleksandra Kazickas] and Tevelis [Juozas P. Kazickas] was really special and to see the kids today following in their footsteps in the hallways and the highschools is inspiring. It was a great pleasure and opportunity to interact with the kids with games and activities. I was especially proud of the young girls who practiced speaking English with us, that was very brave of them and important for success in today’s world,’’ – said A. Kazickas.

The visit of Jurate Kazickas in Lentvaris coincided with the birthday of one of “Youth Can” program‘s girls – Renata. After receiving sincere congratulations from Jurate Kazickas the girl overwhelmed with emotions:

“It was the best birthday ever! I am really proud that the president of the Kazickas Family Foundation visited my town and I am thrilled having received sincere congratulations from her. She is really friendly, positive and sweet. I am so excited about having an opportunity to meet people like her as well as my coaches Ieva and Arminas. With the help of the program I started to feel more comfortable around people, especially in bigger groups and crowds. Also, I started to get along with my sister – before the program we were fighting a lot. I would like to thank the Kazickas Family Foundation, the organizers of “Youth Can” and the coaches for all the opportunities that they provide us with”.

After their short visit in Lithuania, the Kazickas Family members were very happy excited about the children they met and teams they visited, although they wished they could visit every location of “Youth Can” in Lithuania and meet every kid. Departing, they promised to come back soon.

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